What are Poultry Litter Spreaders?

What are Poultry Litter Spreaders?

Poultry Litter Spreaders are spreaders that accurately apply dry or wet litter product. At Chandler Equipment, we offer these spreaders as the ultimate solution to your poultry litter needs.

How do Poultry Litter Spreaders Work?

The typical Poultry Litter Spreader works by distributing litter in accordance the application rate. That is the litter flow rate divided by ground speed times width of spread. That means for most spreaders, litter hitting the ground doesn’t spread evenly.

You can use poultry litter spreaders to solve this issue. Spinners in your typical spreader help to evenly distribute poultry litter, but how does it work? After loading in the litter, the typical poultry litter spreader from Chandler distributes it evenly through its custom design to ensure your soil gets its best manure treatment.

Litter Conveyor Hydraulic Drive Poultry Litter Spreaders

Why is this equipment so important?

Litter Spreaders are important because they promote proper poultry litter/manure deployment. Chicken litter is so important to the Agricultural world because it properly delivers nutrients. When farming works to protect our soil, water and environmental concerns…we all benefit.

When you use this equipment, it makes business sense for your farm. As commercial grade fertilizer costs rise, animal manure remains a forever cheaper option. Plus, that proper balance of nutrients in poultry litter leads to better return on investment. That means less work in treating your soil, prepping your soil and getting ready for the next season.

Why you’ll want to own a Poultry Litter Spreader

When you have a Poultry Litter Spreader on your farm, it says you’re ready for the demands of modern farming. All spreaders feature a conveyor style mechanism that moves material out of the hopper. You might see spreaders that use a chain drag or hydraulics to help this along. At Chandler Equipment, you can find what we feel is best to operate your spreading activities.

Plus, you can do a lot more than just putting nutrients back into the soil. Poultry litter also makes for bedding in confinement buildings and chicken houses. While it does get pretty warm, it’s very amazing at absorbing moisture that results in less harm pathogens for the humans working with the chickens.

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