This spreader is unlike any other spreader on the market today from its heavy built hopper to the specially designed hydraulic system this spreader is unmatched in its capabilities. Designed for the road maintenance and construction industry this spreader is built to spread almost any type of material from rock and gravel to sand and lime.

With our In-Cab Controls so the operator can stay inside the cab which will increase productivity and job safety. The Operator can evenly spreader everything from crusher run to # 3 stone.

  • 7 Gauge Mild Steel Hopper
  • ¼” Frame Rails (Double Plated at critical points)
  • 3/8” T-1 Plate Floor
  • Hinged Rear End with Hydraulic Gate
  • Belt Over Bar Type Chain

Price: N/A


  • Tandem Pump Hydraulic System
  • Dual Conveyor Gear Cases with Parker SL Hi/Lo Motors
  • In Cab Controls
  • Aluminum Oil Tank
  • 24” Spinner Disc with 8 Blades Each
  • Aluminum Catwalks, Cab Shield and Extension Brackets
  • Mesh Type Roll Tarp with Electric Motor
  • Pressure Treated Boards


Hopper Width 96" (8')
Width Outside of Catwalks 101 ½" (8' 11 ½")
Hopper Length 180" (15')
Total Length of Spreader 214" (17' 10") (not including cab shield)
Hopper Loading Height 64 ½" (5' 4 ½") (form truck frame)