The Chandler Sugar Cane Fertilizer Applicator has a 4” 304 Stainless Steel Auger Delivery System that is designed to either place fertilizer straight to the plant by utilizing a Y-Drop or in a row by removing the Y-Drop and installing a Straight Drop Tube.

The augers are hydraulically folded for easy transport to and from the field or when loading fertilizer. This sugar cane applicator unit has a Press Wheel Drive Assembly for the conveyor chain and is available with an optional Hydraulic Drive System.

  • 120” Long x 96” Wide 304 Stainless Steel Hopper
  • 152 Cubic Ft. Capacity
  • Press Wheel Drive on Conveyor Chain with Cylinder Engagement
  • Quick Change Sprockets for High/Low Rates
  • Heavy-Duty Rigid Axle with 15,000# Hubs
  • 304 Stainless Steel Discharge Augers
  • Hydraulic Drive and Fold on Augers (Plug to Tractor)
Price: N/A


  • 16” Stainless Mesh Type Chain
  • 2” Rear Roller Shaft
  • Press Wheel Driven Conveyor
  • Single Rigid Axle with 50 x 21 x 20 Airplane Tires
  • 35” Axle Clearance
  • High/Low Conveyor Drive Sprockets
  • Stainless Steel Rack and Pinion metering gate
  • Pintle Type Swivel Hitch (Adjustable)
  • Safety Chains


  • Hopper Options
    • Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Grate Inside of Hopper
    • Sight tube
  • Conveyor Options
    • Self-contained PTO to Pump Hydraulic Drive
  • Frame Options
    • 304 Stainless Steel Frame
    • Bull Pull CAT-4 Hitch
  • Tarp Options
    • Fitted Tarp
    • Agri-Cover SRT-2 Roll Tarp System
  • Optional Electronics
    • Rate Control
    • Variable Rate Capability
    • ISO Ready


Hopper Construction 304 Stainless Steel
Hopper Width 96” (8’)
Hopper Length 120” (10')
Total Length of Spreader 202” (16’ 10")
Capacity 152 Cu. Ft (struck level)
Hopper Overall Height 93" (8' 11")
Tire/Wheel 50 x 21 x 20 Airplane Tires
Ground Clearance 35" @ Axle
Hubs & Spindles 10 Bolt 15,000 # Hubs
Axle Single Rigid Axle
Wheel Track 60"
Hitch Pintle / Swivel Type (Adjustable)
Jack 12,000# Jack
Discharge Augers 4" 304 Stainless Auger With 1 ¼” Solid Stainless Shaft
Auger Drive Hydraulic Drive - Plug to Tractor (Optional Self-Contained Hydraulic)
Conveyor Chain Type 16” 304L Stainless Steel Mesh Type Chain
Conveyor Chain Drive Press Wheel Drive with Quick Change Sprockets (Optional Hydraulic Drive)
Metering Gate 304 Stainless Steel Gate with Stainless Steel Rack and Pinion