How do you spread gravel?

The need to spread gravel goes beyond your typical rock spreader needs. There is an element of landscaping by way of land management that comes into play. After all, standards of property beauty are important. But, you should try to do everything you can to maintain wherever you’re working. Whether it’s a public roadway or construction site, you need to know how to spread gravel.

Can you spread gravel with a rake?

Spreading gravel with a rake requires a steady hand and a plan. But, it’s also meant for smaller areas than what the typical Chandler equipment is meant to cover. Our massive line of spreaders and tenders tend to focus on larger work sites. But, if you need to tidy up a gravel driveway leading to your home, then a power rake would work best for you.

How thick should you spread gravel?

Gravel thickness tends to be considered properly spread at 4 to 6 inches. However, that sentiment was created with gravel driveways and low traffic roadways in mind. That’s not accounting for the multiple layers and other needs that goes into construction and major roadway projects. (Ambien) If you have questions, feel free to contact Chandler to learn more about how their equipment can service gravel spreading.

What does Chandler Equipment offer for gravel spreading

The Rock and Gravel Spreader is Chandler’s solution for gravel spreading. The heavy duty hopper matches the powerful hydraulics to make spreading gravel into a breeze. You even have controls in-cab, so an operator can beat the heat or cold with comfort. It can also spread everything evenly from crusher run to #3 stone.

Spreading gravel has never been easier than with Chandler. Learn more today!