5 Ways to Prepare for Harvest 2021 with Chandler Equipment [Guide]

Harvest 2021 is almost here and Chandler Equipment is ready to help you. But, what exactly do you need to be ready for the last big farming season of the year? Find out now with our handy guide.

customer service parts

Chandler Equipment has a full support Parts Department designed to accommodate your equipment needs

The Chandler Equipment Parts Department is your go-to source for needed equipment parts. But, what exactly do you need to finish out 2021? As Harvest begins, your daylight hours will start to slim. Our Parts Department carries older and new products, so even the older working equipment on your farm has a solution with Chandler.

Freight shipping means that we can ship heavier equipment to your farm with ease. While most of our packages tend to place under 150lbs, we keep the heavier option at hand to help you when needed. Between the sheer volume of parts on hand and our sturdy craftsmanship, Chandler builds equipment to last.

Looking ahead to 2022? Check out the full list of Chandler Equipment products

Chandler products are many and specialized. Do you work with poultry? Why not try out the Poultry Litter Conveyor? This conveyor makes loading spreaders and semi trailers into a breeze. But, what else does Chandler have to offer the busy farmer?

Those in the Golf and Turf industries might want to look at the Golf Course Spreader for 2022. This spreader designed for Golf Courses has better mapping and improved accuracy. That means you get the job done right the first time with less time spent having to tidy up loose ends.

Custom Built Shaving Spreader

Discover what a Chandler spreader can do for your farm

The Chandler spreader is essential for farm work. But, how can you use the Chandler spreader to its utmost capacity? When you use a spreader, you are choosing to find a creative way to spread dry fertilizer evenly across land. This means your profit margins increase as you are using less labor to maintain your fields.

There are also turf and landscaping aspects to farm work as well. That means more than getting the ground ready to farm. It means taking care of issues regarding flood control and keeping nutrients in the soil. Spreaders grow with your farm when done precisely and creatively. But, what else can they do?

Did you know Chandler Equipment is used for many kinds of land work?

Land work takes many different forms. Chandler Equipment services the farm, turf, golf, landscaping and various outdoor work communities. While we’re currently experiencing manual labor shortages, this has placed many outdoor labor fields on notice to fill in the gaps. The Chandler Spreaders allow for high yield production rates that less dependency on laborers in the field.

Outdoor labor requires many approaches. But, they are all dependent on accuracy. Whether you’re spreading litter or fertilizer, no one has the time to keep reproaching the job. The Chandler difference starts with crafting equipment that lasts. But, it also includes equipment that helps you limit the chance for error.

How do you know if a Rock Litter Spreader is right for you?

Chandler Equipment Rock and Gravel Spreader

The Rock Litter Spreader is a touchstone of Chandler Equipment. This equipment is designed for road maintenance and the construction industry. Many of these spreaders can mounted to a truck or pulled. High capacity hoppers also lend towards more carried material.

But, what does that have to do with Harvest 2021? Well, the Chandler Rock Litter Spreader comes with in-cab controls. That means you can stay inside and keep warm while unloading rocks. Comfort is just as important as other points of merit. After all, you can’t be productive if you’re freezing half to death doing your daily work.

If you can follow all of these tips, you’ll be doing great for Harvest 2021.