Your Best Fertilizer Spreader [Guide]

What will be your best fertilizer spreader options? At Chandler Equipment, we like to explain the various fertilizer spreaders on the market.

The best fertilizer spreader for large plots of land

When working with large plots of lands such as your bigger farms, commercial properties, interstate green areas and forestry, you might need a bigger spreader. Most people choose to use a broadcast spreader in this case.

The capacity of the hopper, the overall spread width and adjustability of settings will be what determines your larger spreader purchase.

Durability and reliability comes into play even more on the larger spreaders, as the bigger plots of land put more strain on your equipment. It’s not uncommon to see larger farms and plots of lands have fleets of similar equipment. But, what about those that have smaller amounts of land?

The best fertilizer spreader for small farms and bigger private homes

Small farms and your bigger homesteads require a gentler hand. That is why many people turn to tow-behind spreaders. Your typical tractor or ATV can be equipped to wield the tow-behind. Capacity isn’t an issue compared to the push and hand-held options that many had to use in the past on small farms.

Your best fertilizer spreaders for commercial usage

Now, you’ll see a lot about commercial fertilizer spreaders. But, what does that mean for you? The typical broadcast spreader works well, as well as the broadcast spreader. So, how do you pick a winner out of the bunch?

Well, you look at the following items.

  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use
  • Spread Width
  • Capacity

The best all-around fertilizer spreader

If Chandler Equipment had to pick the current best all-around fertilizer spreader, it would have to be the 45-PTT-FT EXW. That’s because it fulfills the goals of what we laid out. Excellent capacity, a strong community to spread width and it represents a durable return on your investment.

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