Fertilizer Spreading Supply Chain Plans for Planting in 2022 [List]

Plant 2022 season is already in development. Sure, 2022 is just three days old, but you have to get the jump on your plans for being the high cost of fertilizer and the long waits associated with the supply chain. After all, you don’t want to be the only one not planning your fertilizer spreading come early Spring.

  • What is the best fertilizer spreader for a rural farmer?

Rural farmers will use a wide variety of fertilizers spreaders throughout their life. Some used and a few new, but they all have the same point. Honestly, you can’t beat using a truck mounted spreader for large plots of farm land. After all, if you’re going to be outside for awhile, you might as well get the work done in one trip.

PTO Spinners Fertilizer Spreader PT 6 FSS fertilizer spreading

But, what about rural farmers not having to cover the bigger tracts of land? You can’t go wrong with a two ton capacity pull behind such as the PT-6 FSS. It comes with those quick change sprockets for when you need different rates. Plus, it moves easier through narrower and smaller paths than the traditional truck mount.

  • What kind of fertilizer will help me beat high costs?

There is no magic fertilizer that is going to balance your books. But, there are better fertilizer options that get you the best ROI. Many will tell you to take a maintenance year to figure out soil tests and nitrogen modeling. But, let’s work from the idea that you know enough about your soil.

If you know where your soil fertility is the lowest, cater to that area before others. Then, take a reading to make sure your fertilizer application is working. Before you start throwing out nitrogen supplements and other add-ons, be methodical and make sure you’re not using more fertilizer than you need. That’s best to way to control costs with fertilizer spread.

  • Is there a particular kind of fertilizer that works best for spreading?

Fertilizer spreading has been around for ages. Yet, everyone always seems to want to find the best way to do it. The best kind of fertilizer spreading happens when you spread the fertilizer your soil needs. Whether that’s rich in potassium or nitrogen depends on the conditions you are currently facing. Don’t forget to soil test.

Plan ahead for fertilizer spreading

  • If I got hit by fertilizer shortages in 2021, how can I get around that in 2022?

While the supply chain issues seem to be slowly improving, there is always concern over shortages. It’s not always one thing that will cause fertilizer and related planting prices to rise. So, what is your plan for beating rising costs in 2022?

The best offense is a strong defense. For beating back fertilizer costs, that means setting up a game plan of what you need before you need it. How’s a farmer to do that? Well, one farmer can’t beat the high rising costs of energy.

But, each farmer can study their needs and make plans to purchase fertilizer in advanced. Especially nitrogen heavy fertilizer which is getting targeted more by production shutdowns and rising energy costs for production. Steps taken today to avoid a commercial run on fertilizer means more fertilizer for everyone in the future.

  • What can I do to beat supply chain issues regarding fertilizer in 2022?

Fertilizing required strategy to succeed in 2021. For 2022, it’s going to require a similar touch. This isn’t the first time the world has faced a supply chain issue and it won’t be the last. But, supply chain issues end when pressure is taken off the supply.

We have discussed pre-planning need, maximizing what you have and other means. One step remains. Discuss with fellow farmers and dealers any possible way to add nitrates to your soil outside of direct fertilizer application. Even if it’s a supplement, every little bit helps.

  • If I had to pick up one piece of fertilizer equipment this year, what should it be?

The most useful fertilizer equipment is the one you need and will continue to use. But, if there was a general model, most would pick the 10-PTT-FT. It’s a pull-type fertilizer and lime spreader that’s suitable for more crops and lands than smaller sized options.

Plus, it’s so versatile with its stainless steel construction and ground wheel drive setup. You can get it with PTO or tractor supplied hydraulics. That means power, versatility and ease of use for all types of farmers. No matter who is using it in 2022, everyone will find something to love about the 10-PTT-FT spreader.