Fertilizer Spreader Summer [2021 Guide]

As Summer 2021 begins, Chandler Equipment wants you to focus on what you need to keep the fertilizer spread on your farm. That’s right, we’re talking about your Fertilizer Spreader. While many will say that they already planted their crops, what about the ongoing needs of the soil. Even better, what about your fertilizer needs that will exist past this year? Let’s take a look at you can plan your fertilizer spreading in Summer 2021 and beyond!

While many focus on what fertilizer spreaders can do for you during planting season, spreader use extends throughout the year. In some areas of the country, increased heat and environmental issues will rob your soil of nutrients during the dog days of summer. What are you going to use to restore that added value to those deep rows you planted?

Below we’ll talk about the basic fertilizer concepts you’ll need to master for your future fertilizer spreaders.

Cane Spreader II fertilizer spreaders

How to find the best fertilizer equipment

There are many fertilizer equipment options to best aid your efforts to fertilize your land. But, how do you know what fertilizer works best? Most fertilizers are natural or chemically constructed in a lab. Everyone is going to have their favorites on what they use, but what about with the equipment that spreads them?

Popular options

As you hit the fields taking care of your crops, you might wonder what the best and most popular fertilizer options might be. Normally, this is the territory of Ag YouTube videos and various other lists, but let’s offer up some sound advice that you can keep in your back pocket.

Fertilizer options for Southern farms

When you farm in the South, fertilizer options come in a wide variety. For our farmer friends on the Gulf, they tend to have success with fish byproduct. What does that mean? Well, it doesn’t mean applying liquid kelp. Kelp naturally comes up for our Gulf Coast friends, but it doesn’t pack the same N P K formula punch that farmers want in their fertilizer.

Fertilizer options for Midwest farms

Midwest farms have a long history of finding interesting ways to fertilize their crops. However, what has the land seen that worked? The typical N P K mixture of standard compost has gone a long way. But, how do you spread around the most common fertilizer on Earth? Given the wide scope of farms in the Midwest, every fertilizer is deployed in this region. Whether it’s clearing livestock litter, prepping during planting season or applying extra nutrients during the long summer, the Midwest is the best for spreaders.

Fertilizer options for Southwest farms

Fertilizer options for the Southwest can run the gamut. What we’ve seen is a great amount of farmers having success with bone meal. Now, that doesn’t mean that everyone is pulverizing their dead livestock out New Mexico way. However, it means that due to high heat and other conditions, you have to think outside of the box.

While other regions deal with heat draining nutrients out of the soil, places like Texas deal with heat throughout most of the year. How do they keep a proper Return on Investment and not roll out equipment for more fertilizer needs and foliar spray?

Fertilizer options for other Rural areas

Now there are rural areas that don’t exactly fit the environments we discussed above. The Colorado and Pennsylvania farmers don’t face the exact same fertilizer needs as your typical Georgia farmer. But, there are universal truths to how they all approach the field.

Every farmer in every state needs to fertilize their crops and spread litter away from their work sites. Given the fact that the time needed to return nutrients to the crop filled soil varies region by region, what do you do? Well, you pick the correct fertilizer spreader.

Chandler 9PT FT Row Crop Spreader Fertilizer Spreader

Which fertilizer spreader works best for you?

Chandler Equipment features a ton of fertilizer spreaders. But, what works best for your needs and your farm environment? Well, it depends on what you need to do? Are you applying a fresh layer of fertilizer or touching up areas impacted by flooding or intense heat? If that’s the case, we recommend the PT-6 FSS. This fertilizer spreader is ideal for small farms and food plots. Those areas that need quick touch-ups as the summer goes on.

If you work with poultry, then Chandler recommends the Poultry Litter Spreader. Chandler has been leading the poultry litter spreading industry for 50 years. Old school mechanics and modern hydraulics get used to clean up the messes that poultry farming leaves behind. While it’s not quite fertilizer spreading, livestock animal litter is also a summer concern.

For those that don’t need what we have discuss, we offer up a lightning round of products and what they support.

The 9 PT – High clearance for post-emergent fields

ATL-FFS – Accurate spreader with spinners to help accurately distribute fertilizer

Golf Course Spreader – a spreader designed for mostly flat landscapes serving specific goals

PT-10 FSS – Tandem axle spreader designed for efficient and economic spreading. Great for large fields in the summer time.

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